Leadership meeting for families sponsored by small firms

Tuningen, 17.03.2008

Some small to medium size companies, in Southern Germany, including Engelking have decided to join together in sponsoring their employees and their families to spend a weekend 5/6th April 2008 in a beautiful monastery.

The gathering run under the auspices of The International Leadership and Business Society e.V. (ILBS) is aimed at bringing people together from all walks of life to learn from each other.

One of the sponsors is perbit Software GmbH in Trossingen which is led by Richard Manuel, who received 'Manager of the Year Award 2007' in Baden-Württemberg for his work in creating a family-friendly organization. He is also using the occasion to celebrate a birthday with his employees and their families.

In an interview, Richard said that he saw the work of the society as a way of continuing the ideas of Willi Haller who is famous for his contribution to the humanization of work.

The Society is growing rapidly since its inception a couple of years ago and hopes to promote its aim of bringing people from all walks of life and organizations together to work in a principled way as a contribution to improving the quality of life.

During the weekend, people will be taking part in workshops on themes such as creativity, leadership, diversity, music, motivation - just to name a few - in an inspiring and relaxing atmosphere.

The meeting has received such an echo that it has been totally overbooked and accommodation has had to be booked at nearby hotels.