Card edge connectors cut assembly times and improve reliability

Tuningen, 30.01.2008

More and more engineers are rediscovering the advantages of card edge connectors in electronic equipment. The fact that only one component has to be mounted for a connection pair and that card edge connectors are extremely robust as there are no protruding pins on the male side, brings not only cost savings but also greatly enhances field reliability.

These are undoubtedly some of the advantages which have led to their predominant use for board to board connections in computer applications and which are becoming increasingly apparent in other applications.

EDAC offers probably the biggest range of edge connectors for all kinds of equipment and includes through hole solder, wire wrap and press-fit solutions in a range of pitch variations from 1.27mm (0.05") to 3.96mm (0.156"). Models for extender boards, single and double row, various board thicknesses and different mounting versions together with the option of materials from standard thermoplastic thru materials capable of burn-in applications, most requirements can be satisfied from the exhaustive standard product range with up to 144 contacts. Should customers have special requirements, these can also often be accommodated due to the considerable inventory of connector components.